Who’d want to be a kids’ football coach?

If you had told me 20 years ago that I would end up coaching a kids’ football team I’d have laughed my head off and had you carted off to the nearest funny farm.

But here I am!

My wife (yes - believe it or not she is still with me) thinks I’m mad – my non-football mates think I’m mad.

Weekends are a blur and then, of course, there is the sleepless nights in the middle of the worst recession in living memory worrying about who should play where and whether ‘little Johnny’ should start or come on as a sub.

But I have to admit – I love it!

I was “volunteered” five years ago to run a team of Under 8s in the South London area.

I used to play a bit of Sunday league football and ran a men’s team until our kids started to come along.

I was watching my two sons play for their team from the sidelines, cheering them on along with the other parents.

Then I got asked if I could help out running the team. Before I knew it, I was the coach.

I remember getting into the car with the wife and kids after that rain soaked Sunday lunchtime match and say: “Have I just agreed to be their coach?” “Yes” was the reply.

And that was that.

Well five years down the road, I’ve had some highs and lows and now run an Under 12s team and as well as the Under 7s – oh and a vets team too. You can imagine who gives me the most aggro!

I’m going to be doing a regular blog for PlayerWanted.co.uk and I hope many of you will be able to relate to it. And if you are not involved in kids’ football, it might inspire you – or put you off all together!

Enjoy the ride.

Football Coach

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  • http://twitter.com/idealsam Sam Bell

    Where’s the next one then!

  • Gabriel Tossi

    I do agree with you… your… “before I knew it I was their coach”!
    Something similar happened to myself… took my kid to my local park (down in Portsmouth) to play football and a team was training there, he was 5 at the time, so the U7s coach said that he could join the training but not play in matches… I said “yep… no problem”… two sessions later I was coming in as the ref or goalie for the final scrimmage… 2 months later I was asked if I could “help with the U6s”… next session the coach (he was actually the U14s coach and just trying to get the U7s running) said “OK, you got your session planned, I will go and check my U14s and will be back in 10 minutes”… this was 2 years and 9 months ago!!! still waiting!!! hahaha

    But (and this is a massive but!) I LOVE IT!!! every single second of it! seeing the kids improving from not being able to kick a ball… to defeating our own U9s (we are U8s this season)… all kids being able to play on all positions (even got 3 kids that would happily go in goal every week!) and having set up another 2 teams with a headcount of 24kids coming to train every saturday… I can’t complain! I LOVE IT… and now… more than ever I understand why it is called the “beautiful game”!!!

  • admin

    Glad to hear it Gabriel. It is the beautiful game. Hope you enjoy many more years of coaching. If you’re enthusiastic about it, then the kids will always learn.
    Very best of luck!

  • Celt

    Very similar to my story! Coaching can become amazingly addictive! https://www.facebook.com/brierfieldceltic


    Try it and confidence will grow amazingly…

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