The Thoughts of a 10 year old football star!!! Little Football – By Ben

Here’s a poem written by a 10 year olf by called Ben. It’s quite a poignant read and gives the perspective of youth footballl through the eyes of a child.
It’s published in one particular youth football league’s handbook every year.

The Thoughts of a 10 year old football star!!!
Little Football – By Ben

My name’s Ben and I am ten.

When I was five my Dad said to me Son you’ve got ability,
I started to learn football tricks, when I was barely six,
Mini-soccer was for me, Mum, Dad and family,

But the age of Seven, I had scored eleven,
I was told by my Dad I played great,
At the age of eight.

Mums and Dads they came to cheer, I the tackle I had no fear,
When I was nine I still played fine.
Mum and Dad watched all the time.

Boots, shin pads at the door, I’m feeling fit and I’m ready to score,
Tackle, run, pass, parents would shout
As both teams run about.

I heard a voice out of the crowd, hack him, stack him, make me proud
It was my Dad, there were no cheers,
I couldn’t do it, I had no fears.

Is this the game I love to play?
Listen Dad, hear me say,

You played before as you did, leave me alone I’m just a kid,
You said you played and was really good,
I wonder if you ever could.

You cannot relive what you have had I’m your son and you’re my Dad,
Let me enjoy playing football with my friends
Before my football career ends.

I love you as much as you can see,
You cannot and must not play football with me,
Don’t forget my name is Ben and I am ten.

Parents on the line in defeat say Ref! You’re blind and you’re a cheat Get Up! Shut Up! You sometimes hear, in amazement they sometimes swear.

Joy and fun it’s meant to be, Parents on the side can make it misery.
Don’t forget my name is Ben and I’m only ten,

I’m not as good as I used to be, most of the team are better than me,
Standing on the line in the cold and rain, wondering if I’m ever going to play again,

Little football it is no more, everyone wants to know the score!!!

You must not forget, my name is Ben,
And I really, really, really am only ten.

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