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Three Points for a win – is it child friendly?

BY PATRICK GYSIN FOOTBALL chiefs have been criticised over a controversial move to impose a three points for a win ruling in the children’s game which critics say promotes a “win at all costs” mentality. Now the SELKENT League, one … Continue reading

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3 Points for a win

So the historic changes implemented by the FA for youth football will come into force next season. Many of the changes are – on the whole – for the greater good of the game. But one change I cannot get … Continue reading

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The Thoughts of a 10 year old football star!!! Little Football – By Ben

Here’s a poem written by a 10 year olf by called Ben. It’s quite a poignant read and gives the perspective of youth footballl through the eyes of a child. It’s published in one particular youth football league’s handbook every … Continue reading

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The Times They Are A Changing

Grassroots youth football in England faces the most testing changes for more than a decade. But next season, we will start seeing a dramatic difference on pitches up and down the country. There has been a lot of support for … Continue reading

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Who’d want to be a kids’ football coach?

If you had told me 20 years ago that I would end up coaching a kids’ football team I’d have laughed my head off and had you carted off to the nearest funny farm.

But here I am!

My wife (yes – believe it or not she is still with me) thinks I’m mad – my non-football mates think I’m mad.

Weekends are a blur and then, of course, there is… Continue reading

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