3 Points for a win

So the historic changes implemented by the FA for youth football will come into force next season.

Many of the changes are – on the whole – for the greater good of the game.

But one change I cannot get my head around is ordering that ALL youth football leagues have to award teams 3 points for a win.

Many leagues up and down the country already give 3 points in their divisions for a win. That’s fine if that’s what the member clubs want and have voted in.

But I know there are also leagues who have always awarded just 2 points for a win.

Their reasoning is to stop strong sides running away with a league and taking an unassailable lead and – more importantly – teams struggling for a win at the bottom of the table folding.

They would argue that awarding just 2 points provides greater competition for kids’ football so that a draw can be a valuable point in a title race or for avoiding relegation.

And I tend to agree with them.

The FA says that they are making it mandatory for all leagues to adopt the 3 points for a win to bring the grassroots game into line with the Premier League and the World Cup.

Well it’s not is it?

For the vast majority of teams it’s Sunday morning football for many kids learning the game!!

I wish the FA would stop making these rules mandatory. Why not make recommendations that leagues can either sign up to if they wish, or, disagree with them?

It’s OUR game after all.

I like some of the changes the FA are making to youth football such as 5v5 and 9v9 for all under 11s games.

This will enable kids to get more time on the ball and learn the game.

But I don’t see how ORDERING leagues to award 3 points helps all teams.

My club’s league awards 2 points and it’s great. The table is always tight, no one can rest on their laurels and you have to look over your shoulder as well as look to climb above teams ahead of you. And with a few games to go, you can’t say who would win the title.

It keeps the kids interested.

Sorry The FA, don’t think you thought this one through properly……

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